The Man With A Plan

UnikPlay's journey started when Sachin Jain, the man with a love for knowing more about people and places, realized to his dismay, that his own kids found both Geography and History to be 'boring subjects'. Flustered, he tried to look for something they could use as a learning tool, that would also be exciting and fun, but nothing seemed to work. That's when he decided he would create what he was looking for - a map based game that would engage players of all ages.

The Creative Dynamo

Sachin’s cartography plans got a major boost when Aashok Kkharii decided to join in with 25+ years of design excellence and a unique knack for translating thoughts into visual reality. The first map started to take shape, with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, backed by hours of meticulous research, and the passion to bring fun into the equation.

Goddess of Research and CRM

Pallavi's passion for Geography, and knack for research, are what make her our 'MVP' in the Creative Team. She's also our 'Resident Angel' and manages customer relations.We're all a li'l scared of her though because she's got a 20% devilish side to her as well.

The Wordsmith

Divya loves to read and know things, and from that she took up writing as well. As a creative person, Divya contributes to our blogs and other written content. Sometimes, when we supply her with enough coffee and chocolates, she becomes our 'gyan guru' on a variety of topics, including corporate strategy, and the Big Bang Theory.

UnikPlay's Brainiac

Tisya's unique perspectives on child psychology and cognitive learning, are what enable us in constantly improving upon on our products and services, so that we can make everything fun and educative all the time. she's also our 'youngest kid on the block', but don't go by her age and looks, all of us at unikplay are often in awe of her tremendous brain power!


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